Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Bulletstorm Mini Review

Bulletstorm is a pretty good game with some fun mechinics. It's nothing to orignal though, other than having a funky slowmotion kick and whip to send the enemy reeling or flying towards you in slow motion. There is also a scoring mechinic but I don't find it as fun as the scoring mechinics found in "The Club" also Wolfenstien 3D had a scoring system so it's nothing new.

In a sense this is just like the old school shoot-em-ups. You know the ones, games like Serious Sam, Painkiller and Doom where you shoot wave upon wave of enemies and you know what that's cool. It makes a huge change from your standard military shooters that big name companies seem to keep crapping out these days.

Bulletstorm is a fun romp with some great set peices but it's appeal only lasts so long, about as long as one play though of the campaign mode. I found myseld not bothering with the multiplayer because playing with randoms is no fun (seriously stop kicking people in to the enviromental hazzards it does not score very highly!) and the ECHO mode which is the score attack mode of the game is not as compelling as The Club's or most of my Xbox Live Arcade titles I have installed at the moment on my Xbox 360.

Overall I enjoyed Bulletstorm but I was not compelled to play it for very long but it's definatly worth checking out as it's a fun game and a break from the norm but I would strongly wait to the price is sub £20 and then check it out otherwise you might be a little disapointed. [7/10]

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