Monday, 10 January 2011

Vanquish Mini Review

Vanquish faces an uphill struggle from the very start. It is an eastern developed game aimed squarely at a Western audience but with a short 4 to 5 hour single player campaign and no multiplayer of any kind to speak off it's a pretty tough sell for anyone let alone a duck 'n cover shoot-em-up fan that may of been looking to pick this up between the Gears of War games or something.

With that said Vanquish does have some thing going for it, creativity. Yep that's right even though this is a game where you are a futuristic space marine shooting robots in some future colony of the future somewhere there are a some very well design set pieces that take full advantage of the setting and more importantly the fact that you rocket boosters for kneecaps! The battlefields you fight in look nice and are well designed and the evil Russian robots you end up shooting look menacing and are well animated with cleaver attack patterns. Did I mention this game gets crazy!? I mean with all that rocket sliding from cover to cover and the amount of enemies the game throws at you the battlefield becomes a very hectic place to be, perhaps a little to confusing at times as you can get "insta-killed" by an attack from a sneaky robot you may of not been paying attention to even with the game is generous with the whole "bullet time before death" mechanic it has which normally helps but not with said "insta-kill" attacks.

Vanquish is a fun ride while it lasts but the thing is it does not last for all that long. The game is varied enough in it's shooting gameplay throughout the brief period that the game lasts for but if there is one Platinum games game from 2010 that you should be buying this year now that's it's hit the bargain bins up and down the country it's Beyonetta as it's not only a much longer of a game than Vanquish but it's also a bit better as well. With that said if you do manage to find this game for say sub-fifteen pounds then I highly recommend giving it a shot if you like third person cover based shooters as it's one of the more interesting games of this type in the market at the moment. [7/10]

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