Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Some thoughts on DW Strikeforce!

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce represents something a little different from KOEI which after all these years of pumping out DW games can only be a good thing even if it's only to chase after the mad Monster Hunter yens. Originally a PSP game I have been enjoying the company of the Xbox 360 version as of late and I have to say I am liking the changes that have been made to the tried and true DW formula.

For a start you can now play the game with up to three other friends online during the campaign mode which is fantastic. This is something I have always wanted in a DW game and now KOEI have finally delivered so good job guys. But due to the mostly online nature of this game it means that the action has to be scaled back some what. This is also a good thing for this title in my opinion because unlike most DW games I can play this in the space of ten minutes with some friends and actually get somewhere which is a refreshing change from previous non strikeforce entries in the series. KOEI does make up for the smaller scale by having all the enemies be completely crazy. No longer are you just pounding on defenceless subscripted peasants. Now you could be fighting laser beam firing turrets or thirty odd flying magicians who all are firing fireballs or LU BU RIDING ON HIS 40 FOOT LAZER BEAM FIRING AND FIRE THROWING FIRING TIGER! It's safe to say that because of the whackyness and the extremes the developers go to, to make this title feel different it worth checking out if you are a fan of the series.

Don't get me wrong I like love me some DW but I am liking that KOEI are willing to put more effort in to trying out new ideas for their games now. The weapon switching from this title (which effectively allows you to change weapons on the fly giving you more options in terms of attack) is now being included in the new mainline DW game, let's hope they also keep the online functionality of the Strikeforce series as well because one thing I have notice is that playing DW is a lot more fun with friends.

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