Monday, 17 January 2011

My thoughts on Red Dead Redemption after finally beating it!

I have to admit I did not like RDR all that much when I first started playing it. In fact I brought the game near it's initial release and after playing it for about a few hours decided I was "not in the mood" to play the game and forgot about it till January 2011.This is a shame because this probably would of made it to my top three multiplatform games of 2010 if I had gotten though the game sooner as the game has some great storytelling in it. It also has some of the best set pieces I have ever seen in a third person shooting game and considering this is a sandbox game that's saying something.

The thing I disliked about the game the most was the huge amount of travelling which is thankfully gotten around by using the "camp site quick travel trick" and the dueling which to this day I still don't understand how it's supposed to work properly. I mean I know if you shoot a dude in the hand and don't kill him you get more honour and I managed to do that a few times but I am unsure how to fire after "painting" the target a couple of times as supposed to unloading an entire clip in to the poor sod killing them in the process.

With that said I still loved the combat and the story of this game. I also like the presentation as it really makes the game feel like your in some kind of crazy spaghetti western this is thanks to the wonderful music which changes depending on which area you are in. The story in RDR is pretty messed up (but in a good way) and the ending alone was worth playing though, in fact I won't spoil it for you but this game could of ended multiple times and it would of still been a satisfying end to what is probably one the greatest sandbox games I have personally played despite it's flaws. Oh and did I mention that more games need the "Dead Eye" mechanic? No well it does because it makes you feel like a complete bad-ass so Fallout with your stupid VATS system take note!

Overall I would strongly suggest picking this game up as it's one of the few Sandbox games with any kind of merit to be released in this generation of consoles, it's superb. [9/10]

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