Friday, 3 December 2010

Some thoughts on Dissidia - Final Fantasy

I have played for around eight hours at the moment and I am kind of confused about this game.It's not the concept, that I understand. SqaureEnix dump a whole lot of heroes and villains from all of their main line Final Fantasy games, develop some concluded story to make it happen then they add some kooky RPG development systems which most RPG fans would be familiar with and hey presto! you have Dissidia - Final Fantasy.

As you can see from the above screen shot the game does look rather nice and the voice acting is spot on too. For a PSP game this game looks lush which is no surprise considering the development team's track record. But if you look back at Square's track record they have only a few fighting games before this to my knowledge and that's Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring which judging from the PS1 version of the game was not that great a fighting game, awesome dungeon crawling mode withstanding. The other games where Tobal No.1 and Tobal No.2 which where great games even though No.2 never even came out over here in the UK and yes I am aware of Bushido Blade but they was only Published by Square not Developed by them.

There is a ton of stuff to do in this game which is more that what can be said from Namco's awesome but a little content light Tekken 6 for the PSP. There is an online mode where you can fight other Dissida players but where I have been mostly playing this game is in the single player modes. Arcade mode is pretty fun and while you are made to use stock characters it does allow you to earn PP (progress points) which you can spend in the shop to unlock more stuff and it also allows you to practice against characters that are on equal pegging to you. There is also an endless survival mode style game where you can earn the best equipment but I have yet to unlock it so I have been playing Story mode instead.

The story mode is both interesting and also very frustrating at the same time. The story itself in my humble opinion is fucking horrid. It's the same anime tripe you get from most stock Japanese RPG storylines. Full of whinny idiots who mull about moaning to themselves with self pity. You see the picture above? Yeah the reason why you are fighting is so that THE WHOLE EXISTENCE OF EVERYTHING IS NOT ERASED!!! It's a pretty good thing to fight for don't you think? The only reason why anyone would ask something like that is because they are bone jarringly selfish thus I really don't want to identify with the character I am playing as. So yeah I was gritting my teeth though a lot of the cut-scenes because while they are well made the dialogue is just terrible.

Yeah the whole turn based grid dungeons are OK but the game does tend to pull a dick move on you sometimes and forces you to fight ultra powerful 'bonus' boss fights thus messing you for the rest of the map and buggering up your score. The arena's you fight in are pretty interesting if a little difficult to navigate at times although I must say I love the triangle button which allows me to run up walls or grind magical rails to get around quickly.

The fighting system while simple to control is mostly about anticipating what your opponent is going to do next and then countering it so that you can land a few blows to build up your power bar so that your power attack does more damage. The battles are unlike what you would expect from a Final Fantasy game, in fact it reminds more of an anime battle that you would see in something like Dragon Ball Z as people are normally flying about all over the place firing off massive spells and punching each other half way across the map in comical fashion.

The fighting is fine as long as you are not playing against someone who is massively overpowered hence the reason why I both like and dislike playing the story mode in this game because instead of making the AI harder they just make the AI cheaper which is not necessarily a good way to ramping up the difficulty and providing the player with a decent challenge. I am enjoying my time with Dissida but I do have plenty of other games on my PSP and this game seems to be a massive time sink. Time will tale if I decide to continue playing this game a month or two down the line.