Friday, 5 November 2010

Opps not posted in awhile, sorry about that!

Hi gang!

Sorry I have not posted much in awhile. Been really, well I don't know what I have been doing really. Not made much of anything as of late. I have been playing a lot of games lately on the Xbox 360 and PC. Blood Bowl LE, Halo Reach, Pinball FX 2, Ninety-nine Nights 2 and Kane and Lynch 2 being the games I have played the most lately.

Got a whole bunch of different games lately. a lot of which I have yet to try out. I will let you guys know what's going on soon but in the mean time I am off to play some more games so here is a picture from Ninety-nine Nights 2 that does not have ONE MILLION TROOPS!, Lates!