Sunday, 4 April 2010

Some new reviews I wrote...

Hi just writing this to let you guys know that another one of my reviews has now made it's way on the PEOWW which can be found here so I hope you guys like it.

As for me? Well I have been playing a lot of Mount and Blade: Warband lately and it's freaking awesome. There is nothing quite like a 64 man skirmish online with zero lag and people who play together as a team. One of the most fun experiences I have had playing any game online for some time.

Meanwhile in console news, Just Cause 2, just spent 24 hours in game time and I am nowhere near the end. the game is massively padded out with stupid collect-a-thon quests. It will be going on the back burner for awhile while I play the numerous other brand new games that I brought but not gotten around to playing yet. I want to play Final Fantasy 13 next but I have been hearing very mixed things about it so I might go with Residence of Fate or Yakuza 2 instead.

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