Saturday, 27 March 2010

My first impressions of Just Cause 2

Seems that Just Cause 2 is more of the same but with a nicer engine. They have changed Rico's character a lot but for the worst, he's lost all character and charm from the Rico of the first game. And the voice acting is some of the most grating I have herd in recent history. That Ravengers (what what ever the fuck they are called, can't say I was paying much attention to be perfectly honest!) leader chic has THE SINGLE WORST ACCENT EVER!! I can't even tell what accent she is trying to pull off it's that bad and she does not shut the fuck up either which is even more annoying, GAH!

Minor annoyances aside I love, LOVE the look of the island though, flying about a lot in the Mountain Area due to the gang I am working for and it looks lush. It's a nice game but might be best played in little blasts with breaks in between so it does not lose it's appeal.

Gunplay wise it's not to bad, played a lot worst on the PS3 that's for sure.

The grappling hook can be a little annoying from time to time but is fun to use although it's no Bionic Commando or anything. I love "double hooking" people to vehicles then driving around like a madman but that's just me. I have managed to 100% a few little areas so far. It seems that the developers have put a shit load of destroyable government stuff and collectables in each little village, town or base which is not a bad idea. It's easy enough to keep track of things as the game reminds you of your percentage every time you do something to contribute to "completing" that area. The area's don't seem so lifeless like they did in the original game and the vehicle handling is much better, I mostly use to Helicopters though as they are a god send for base takedowns and scavenger hunts so to speak.

You can still call for air drops of equipment and transport if you want, you can also get a rid to any place that you have cleared 100%. This fast travel thing is useful but I rarely use it as I actually like travelling the island as it looks so nice and the combination of driving, flying and grappling around the place is fun to me. You also can't use fast travel when the cops or army are after you which in my case is 90% of the time anyway heh.

Each weapon can be upgraded from the shop now, I have the limited edition which cost the same about as the standard version so I figured "why the hell not?".The most useful thing I have managed to obtain so far is the special Rico pistol which is like a hand cannon basicly. It's pretty awesome and if you have the money it can also be dual wielded which is absolutely bad ass. Two handed weapon wise I have mainly either been using the standard shotgun which is nice or the special sniper rifle which is friggin' sweet. It's very useful for picking off helicopter pilots or sniping annoying turret abusing guards from half a mile away.

Anyway it's safe to say that I am enjoying Just Cause 2 at the moment, time will tell if I stick around to actually finish it since it seems much bigger than most games of this type but I feel the game does have legs. I will keep you guys posted with more details should anything go astray.

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