Thursday, 25 March 2010

Microsoft's Game Room - Launch Day Impressions

Well it's finally arrived I suppose, Microsoft's Game Room (or MGR as I will be calling it from now on!) hit both the Xbox 360 and Games for Windows marketplace yesterday with 30 games that either you would of never of herd off or has been collected to death already but don't get me wrong this service is looking sweet and I can't wait for what the future holds.

I had a hold bunch of Microsoft Points left over from my Xbox 360 days and with nothing to spend it on in the Games for Windows marketplace (seriously what's up with that?) so I decided to do a little shopping in the MGR shop and see what all the fuss was about. I have to say from what games I have played so far that I am impressed with the emulation quality, the controls and the general feel of being in my "very own arcade" with all the sounds from all the arcade machines playing at once, it's like being back in Western-Super-Mere again when they used to have that awesome Peir with that massive arcade in it.

With that said, challenging friends to random Hi-Score battles is fun, you can even make your own timed high score board doing this so you know I challenged a couple of people to a Scramble High-Score showdown. There is no online multiplayer for the time being but this does make up for it in some way. That said it would make Combat a more compelling purchase if they did ever get around to adding online play in heh.

There are some concerns that to get all the achievements in MGR you need to spend a lot of money, well Microsoft from what I have herd from the media are playing to release 3000+ games on this service within the next few years, there are bound to be at least a small fraction (like 30 or so) of those you are going to like. Another concern and the one that bothers me more if I am being honest is will have I have to keep downloading whole packs of games just to get to the one or two games that I want from that pack? I can see this taking up a lot of room on a console owners hard drive especially later on when he start hitting the games released in the ninties that require a lot more rom chips to hold the data if you know what I mean?

Anyway while the games may not be considered 'Triple A' but a lot of people this Game Room doodad is showing some promise. I would like to see Tatio, Namco, SNK Playmore and Capcom jump on this and I would also like to see some more Konami games too like the Contra games for example and in no time I think they will get around to it because these games don't have to be ESRB rated which means there is little to no cost in putting these games in Microsoft's service unlike their competitors similar services.

Stay tuned for more impressions and reviews of games that come out on this service as the weeks roll by!

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