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Tekken 6 - Story Mode Mini Guide!

Hi this is not going to be a step by step guide on every level, merly some general tips to make this mode a lot more enjoyable to play. With these simple tips you should be able to breeze though the game a lot easier.

Updated! *6th November 2009* ~ Added more info about the clothing aspect of the game and how to unlock the hidden charcter in arena as well as more info on a lot of other stuff including the best way to beat the dredded "Nightmare Train!", Enjoy!

Updated! *13th Feb 2010* ~ Added more info about general achivements and trophies in the appropriate sections. They are the same for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Decided to add to this FAQ because I am planing on doing a review of this game for my youtube channel.

Updated! *14th Feb 2010* ~ Added more info to the Arena Mode section. Worked out that I was doing it less effectively then I could of been and I also updated the "Spacemen Killer" part of the guide too.

Picking a Character

When you start the game you will be in control of a new charater of Lars and no you don't have to play as him to unlock his ending. By the end of stage two you'll unlock the ablity to play as any one character CHOOSE WISELY! Seriously, think about what kind of character you would want to play as, who would be best suited for a streets of rage or final fight style game?

First of all DON'T PICK BRYAN! You unlock in the next stage so picking him is pointless. Remember the closer the character is to the main plotline the further down the road you will have to be to unlock them. Picking a character like Jin, Kazuya or Heihachi is a good idea since they are solid, dependable fighters with a good mixture of clearance moves and upercuts for knocking poeple in to pits and juggling with them is easy enough to do on a regular basis without learning complex moves. (a must for this mode)

What ever you do DON'T PICK LARS OR ALISA! Lars is rubbish for this mode and his combo's are next to usless in a mass brawl enviroment and Alisa you need the CPU to play as to get level up Alisa's A.I. level for an achivement. If you really want an easy time pick DEVIL JIN as he is a cheap as boss character complete with great juggle combo's and has the ablity to fly but most importantly of all Jin has eye lazers. A must if you wish to be an evil Yakuza overlord bent on taking over the world...

General Fighting Tips for Story Mode

Right now there are two ways to play this game with a regular joy pad (yuk) or by using an Arcade stick. Either way the controls are not great for this mode. The d-pad and the arcade stick act like a regular game of Tekken. This means you can pull off all the moves so make sure that character you picked you at least know some 3 to 5 hit combo's and some clearance moves. The Left stick on the pad is free move on the arcade stick you will need to bind "free move" to a button. This is good for picking up items without having to double tap directions and side steping like axle rose from guns and roses.

Make sure you keep your partner alive and well away from any bottomless pits or water. If she falls in to this then she can not be revived even though she has rocket boosters so why can't she fly out is beyond me. When she is down run up to her and press A but make sure she's clear before doing so otherwise the enemies will stop you from brining her back. Also you can only do this once per level so use it wisely as she only comes back with 25% of her health so make sure she can get acess to food items before bringing her back.

If you are using Devil Jin remember he can fly and has eye lazers. If you decided not to be a cheap ass then remeber sometimes it's good to start a combo with a low punch enemies as they generaly don't expect it. Also while you are throwing an enemy you are immune to damage and the throw will also clear all enemies around you to which is very handy.

One more thing, save the weapons for bosses or tough spots thoughout the stage. Flamethrowers are great for wall juggling and do a great amount of damage with it. That said use the drinks as soon as you find them but don't use food items to you need them. You can go back and get the food at a later time unless you are the boss area normaly.

Clothes Equpping

Like it or not your newly aquired character will have to dress up like they got in to a fight with their local matalan store and lost if they wish to remain competitive in this game play mode. I did not notice this till pretty much the end of the game but playing dress up with your character and Alisa is a definate must as each bit of clothing you obtain in story mode has speical properties that boosts your characters stats like amour in an RPG. This means if you want to beat those hard extra "hidden" missions you are going to have to grind for items all MMO like. Here are some important things to remember while dressing up you character...

* Don't worry about how they look just pick stuff with the best stats
* You can only equip 5 items of clothing with stats on at any one time (the game won't recongise the other clothing if you go past this limit!)
* Stats don't stack. For example equipping two items that do +20% chance to Freeze won't mean you get +40% to Freeze so just concentrate on picking the highest valued items.
* If you are about to place an item with a similar but better item make sure you take off the old item first otherwise the game won't register the new item of clothing as being equiped hence no stats! :(

Make sure that when you are dressing your character that you DRESS ALISA UP AS WELL! you might also want to pick the costume of your character and Alisa you don't like. For example I did not like Bruce's First costume so much so I gave him a make over for that. Also depending on the button pressed to select the character at the character select screen will depend which costume you will select and Alisa with match your costume. So if you select 1p's custome then she'll wear that custome as well so make sure you pimp her outfit out as well.

X = 1P's costume
A or B = 2P's costume
Y = 3P's costume

The best way of getting A and S rank items it to either beat story mode and enter a harder difficulty setting or play the 'Nightmare Train' on normal (Devil Jin's stage). Make sure you equip some 'increase item drop' clothing for an easier time too.

Arena Mode

Every time you beat a boss or meet a character you unlock them for "Arena Mode" which is a short version of arcade mode. You will need to beat this mode with a character to unlock their ending movies. I would wait till you have beaten story mode and unlocked all the characters for arena before starting to clear this mode. This is because after awhile the game will unlock some of the endings by itself if you play Story Mode long enough. Any character ending unlocked this way means you don't have to beat arena mode with that character, just start a game with them, watch the intro then on the first match quit back out to the world map again, simple.

Finding the hidden Arena Characters (These are the characters you won't have after beating the main story!)

Devil Jin - Defeat him in Nightmare Train.
Roger Jr. -Defeat it in Mishima Industries, Biotech Research Station Ruins.
Yoshimitsu -Defeat him in Kigan Island.
Mokujin - Defeat it in Subterranean Pavillion.

Hidden Area's (These areas have the hidden characters in!)
Kigan Island stage - Go to Abyss Gate on Hard difficulty and defeat a man with straw hat and grab his loot. Then exit to world map.
Mishima Industries, Biotech Research Station Ruins stage - Go right at the first junction in Seahorse Grand Hotel, defeat the Kangeroo and clear the stage.
Subterranean Pavillion stage - Clear 16th Archaeological Expedition’s Excavation Site on Hard difficulty.
Nighmare Train stage - Clear Azazel's Temple, Central Corridor.

How to beat "The Nightmare Train" (this nets you an Achievement and Devil Jin for Arena Mode)

WARNING! THIS PROBABLY THE HARDEST ACHIEVEMENT IN THE GAME! (Defeating Nancy a close second mind you...)

I am no going to lie to you but this is all about the gear that you are wearing. You need clothes with decent stats to get anywhere near close to finishing this tough level in one peice but don't worry because your buddy Danny has your back on this one. This is how I managed to finaly beat this Nightmare (urgh!) of a level...

Gearing up for this stage
First of all you are probably going to have to play this level a lot. It's the only sure fire way of unlocking an 'S' ranked item on normal. Now remember to equip some Item Drop clothes before entering this stage as it will make getting that 'Find an S Rank Item' Achievement much, much easier.

After you have equiped your item find clothes take off all you other clothing, the reason being is that I am now going to guide you on what clothes you need for this mission. First of all you will be need some health and attack increasing items and yes I mean attack increasing and not "attack increase while in rage" crap or "recovers a small amount of health over time" shit clothing you keep hearing about. The health boost is not essental for the player character but ALISA NEED THE EXTRA HEALTH FROM HEALTH CLOTHING because she will routinely get her arse handed to her by the vicious Gargoyles on this level and you won't be able to survive without her being a distraction to the enemy so you can get some cheap hits in while they are focused on her heh.

Next up is Stun and Freeze damage items. Don't bother with fire because it's the status effects you want not the extra damage. being able to routinely pull off cheap juggle combo's is more important here as it stops the enemy from hitting you which is a must in this stage because the enemies hit hard, espeically if you don't have any health boosting items.

So just to Recap on what clothes you need...

Item Find
Attack Increase
Health Increase
+% Stun Attack
+% Freeze Attack

Failing that you don't have all of these a Defense Increase item is a worthy second choice but don't bother with the nullifying enemy elemental attack as the enemies in this train use nothing but brute force attacks and no magic.

Surviving the Fight
OK first of all don't bother trying to get the items at either end of the train, this will just allow Alisa to get swarmed. Only go for those items if you are in dire need of health and save the weapons and rage drink for the boss, Devil Jin!

Secondly, DON'T LEAVE ALISA ALONE! I can not stress this enough. Unlike other levels if she dies the enemies in this stage will not idley stand by and allow you to pick her back up so don't let her die as you need her to destract the enemies while you sneak around them and hit them when they are not looking.

I must also point out that YOU MUST DEFEAT THE ENEMIES QUICKLY! If you know a cheap tactic with your chatacter that deals quick damage in a short amount of time use it because the level will become almost impossible due to you being overrun by the Gargoyles.

Oh and don't bother trying to throw the Gargoyles either, due to there wings most of the time it won't work. If you picked Devil Jin as your character, spam eye lazers as it tends to be the best way of dealing with most enemies in this mode and remember to attack low once in awhile to fake out the enemy. If you stay in the middle of the train you can uppercut the Gargoyles off the train and still get the items. You can also do this to Devil Jin but make sure he does not do it to you.

Devil Jin is not to hard of a boss compared to the rest of the level providing you have kept your partner alive thoughout the level. Now might be a good time to grab that Gatling Gun and juggle his arse out the train. Failing in that just keep him in the corner and keep doing low attacks, Alisa will always strike mid or high so you will have both bases covered. As you as you land a hit go to town on his arse and don't let up on him for a minute.

Providing that you have followed my advice you should be able to overcome the Nightmare Train and unlock Devil Jin as well as earn some gamerscore but remember it's not going to be that easy and you may need to practice a little on this stage first before you get the hang of it or at least till you unlock some cool S rank items heh.

Getting the "No Boot Key" Achievement/Trophy (Hard if you don't know what to do...)
If your character is got a good enough clothing set up for the Nightmare Train then you should be able to beat this level without Nancy just fine. You might want to equip some 'Nullify Elemental Attack' clothing on this stage for the soliders with stun sticks and remember to stick close to your partner so she does not get packed on but other than that it should be plain sailing from here.

General Achivement/Thorpy Tips for Story Mode

TIP: the "get X amount of..." achivements are gathered thoughout the entire playthough of story mode.

Combo Master ~ Get a 50 chain kill combo in Story Mode!
I found that getting the "get a 50 hit combo" was do-able on multiple levels. The easist place to get this award is where you have to fight Baek. Just keep killing the minions with a the weapons in the level and you should be OK as the stage is rather easy if you have been clothing your characters properly.

Another good level I found for this is Kuma's forest stage. The Bear Cub's are easily defeated with the pipes in one hit and there are plenty of them to rack up the combo providing you kill them quickly enough and proceed with haste.

There is another easy stage is where you have to fight bruce in a warehouse. It's full of bottomless pits to knock enemies in to which get's you a +1 on your combo but you won't earn items this way and the stage doesn ot appear to quite late in the game.

The Spacemen Hunter ~ Kill 10 aliens in Story Mode!
This is best done on the stage where you have to rescue Julia and the boss is just a whole bunch of random enemies. The place is called
G Science and Technology, Research Building 3. Anyway as you fight though the level you will notice three spacemen will jump down from the roof, so if you keep beating this level eventualy you will unlock the award as this is the easist way to beat a lot of Spacemen quickly.

What's So Speical About It? ~ Find a speical flag in Story Mode!
There is an easy flag to capture in the Secret Underground Passage stage which Raven is the boss in. At the start of the stage walk backwards (torwards the camera) and you should see a create, smash it and collect the flag and the award is as good as yours!

Love That Money ~ Earn 5 Million!
Story Mode is the best way to earn money, that's a fact. The easiest way to earn money in this mode is basicly to sell any bits of clothing that you are no wearing when you obtain them in the game. Clothes normaly fetch anything from a five to a six figure sum depending on the strength (or rarity if you want to get technical about it!) of the item. Some items and clothing can only be obtained via this mode so choose wisely about what items you are going to sell as you might want to use that clothing out of story mode because it looks nice or something.

More to be added to this guide when I remember heh, hope this little guide helps...

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