Wednesday, 3 February 2010

*sigh* Youtube stikes again!

Gah! OK I understand the need to protect copywright, I mean if I wrote a song or made a movie or something I would at least like to earn a little money from it. What is not cool is what they are doing to my Morotstorm review at the moment.

It's been flagged for "misuse of copyrighted materal". The song in question was the Queens of the Stone Age song I used at the begging of the review, WHICH IS IN THE GAME! I am doing a journalistic review of a game, therefore it's covered by the 'Fair Use' cluase, and it's not that I put the entire song on there either, I only used the 40 seconds I needed to make the intro to a review for a game that I really like which just so happens to contain that song.

Anyway looks like they are not going to take down my video (not yet anyway), again I have sent an dispute to the people running youtube's copyright department stating that it's a journalistic review of a video game and that I only used what was in the game, including that peice of music. I should hear back from them soon if all goes well...

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