Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Phantasy Star Zero - BEATEN!

I finaly did it! I beat Phantasy Star Zero for the first time today. I have to admit this has been on the back burner on my DS pile for about month thanks to the wonderful Retro Game Challange and the not so wonderful Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Darkness what whatever it's called

Anyway PSZero is litteraly one of my favourate games on the DS, this was a confrimed fact after I beaten the final boss of the game which can be a little bit of a cunt but remember that your team members are not essental to keep alive while fighting the final boss although they do help as a kind of meat shield when things get hairy.

So yeah I am now a level 30 Human Male Ranger after beating the boss. I really enjoyed how the story played out even though I could guess at what was going to happen in the end. With that said I am glad Sega did not put any stupid quests in this game. The wole point it that you go in to a dungeon, beat shit up and then leave with lots of money and items, simple.

The most annoying missions in the old Phantasy Star games where the ones where you had to ascort annoying NPC's about the place, the most annoying being the one where you had to fight the second area boss with NPC in tow and if he died you would have to do the whole mission again, ARGH! Games like this don't need a fancy mission structer, all they need is a reason for me to go in to the dungeon and raise hell, worked for Daiblo so it works for me too.

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