Friday, 5 February 2010

M.A.G: First Impressions

Well I normaly don't care much for modern FPS's, they seem a little too generic for their own good these days. Also most of the big hitters like Modern Warfare 2 and Halo ODST left me feeling disapointed more than anything. M.A.G. it pretty much a carbon copy of the Battlefield games but it's big thing is that it's a console game that can handle over 200 players plus in the same game so I figured I would give it a shot, mainly for reviewal purposes despite my recent exepriances with FPS's.

I have to say though I am impressed with what I have seen so far. The lantancey seems to be holding out rather well. Their have been the odd lag spike but that's normaly when I join a game that is already in progress, must be a desyncing problem or something. 95% of the time though M.A.G. handles very well indeed, much better than your average Activision or EA title which aagin is impressive since their are tons of people playing in each game, the smallest game is sixty four players, let me repeat that SIXTY FOUR PLAYERS!

Gameplay wise the game is rather solid, the character progression in this game works more like a create your own class style system that you might find in a RPG than the swapable perks system of something like Modern Warfare. Players are encouraged to speicalise so I decided that it's my duty to help the wounded so I am learning to go medic. Now I can't ressurect people yet but I can heal them and I also put a red dot sight on my rifle so that I can aim at people from across the map with deadly accuracy!

So yeah the game is fun for the most part, two problems I have noticed so far and it's always the case in big battle games like this. The first is gernade spamming, yeah that old chestnut. In a 128 person a side game each of those are going to be carrying at least two 'nades on them. So an army at any one time can be spamming 256 'nades which can get annoying. Normaly this tactic is used for "area denial" or clearing out large clusters of troops.

The second problem I have noticed is the order of command system. OK normaly you would think that the highest rank person might be the best person in the army to lead an army but that may not be the case as I found out. OK say that "Little Jimmy" get command of the entire army, the reason being is that normaly when he plays games he camps spawn points (hard to do in this but what ever!) and spams posion gernades everywhere. So he's not the most tactical of people, a bit of a lone wolf of the battlefield one might say. So imagen my shock when we have a a hyperactive thirteen year old who's amped up on red bull and think's he's "solid" barking orders at people and rapidly changing the sqaud commands every ten seconds, all of which make no tactical sense and just screw up the battle for everyone invloved in his army for that game. Eventualy I understand that the more expeiranced commanders will rise to the top but for the time being I guess if I want to play this game I got to put up with the occasional annoying child.

So yeah, overall not bad, not bad at all! I will try and get some footage of me playing the game this weekend if I can but I can not promise anything. I will also do more Rainbow Six 3 Let's Play videos at some point too as they seem to be gaining a positive reaction at the moment.

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