Monday, 1 February 2010

Legendary on the PS3 - Brought for £4!

So you may be wondering what I have been doing recently, well my Xbox 360's disc drive has just broken down and I really can't be bothered with it any more. It's going to cost me nearly as much as a new console just to get it repaired so I decided against it, after all I have another current gen console, the PS3!

So I when in to my local electronics store the other day and raided their bargain bins. I managed to pick up a few bargins, one of which being Legendary for the PS3 for the princely sum of £4, not bad eh? I only knew two things about this game, the first it's a FPS with mythical creatures in it and the second was it was reported to be a rubbish game, no worthy of it's name sake so to speak.

Now admittedly this game is not the greatest, I brought it to review on my youtube channel mainly and figured doing something as off beat as this would be interesting, would I did not realise is that I would end up actually like the game!

Legendary has a very old school mentality when it comes to level design, enter a room, kill all the monsters and enemy troops then leave to the next room and repeat till the mission is done. The enemies themselves are the interesting bit. The mythical creatures are interesting to fight against while the troops are pretty intelligent and are competent for the most part. The game follows the half life approach to set pieces. First it introduces the mythical creatures then the enemy troops then they mash the too together for some chaotic results.

I fully intend to do a video of this game this week so stay tuned cheap game fans!

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