Sunday, 7 February 2010

First Impressions: Midnight Club LA

OK admittedly I normaly hate games that are based around boy racers jacking off over their fast cars so when I picked up this game in a bargin bin for less than a tenner I was not entirely convinced and to be honest I not sure after playing if I am entirely convinced.

The Main problem with this game is that the characters I am made to interact with are so souless and unlikeable that it makes my cringe. I know I should be judging the game mainly by game play (which I will be getting on to in a minute) but over all I feel that the presentation is rather lacking. Unless you are going to make the effort then please just keep it to guys racing.

Anyway the right stick controls braking and acceleration which is just ficking odd in itself and does not feel right but I will struggle with it because I wish to do a cheap game review of it so I must play it. Also the game feels like a Burnout Paradise, but less fun, stay tunned for more...

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