Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Army of Poo: Forty Days of Shit (sorry immature I know!)

As you can probably tell I have beaten Tekken 6 for the second time, 100% maxed. I have all the trophies and achivements for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, so obviously I need a new game to play so enter Army of Two: The 40th Day.

From what I have played so far this game is fucking HORRIBLE! First thing is first I hit the games Horde like mode called extraction and it's shit, which is a shame because if a game fails to impress with a basic "kill everything" mode with it's raw gameplay then the game is not worth knowing. No more than four enemies appear at any one time and all of them take about on average 2 clips of ammo just to down because almost all of them are wearing more armour than a chaos space marine. I mean say what you like about games like Halo 3 or the Gears of War games but at least the enemies go down in a timely fashion when pumped with an entire clip of rifle fire or a slug or two of the shotgun, but these Chinise(?) mercenary guys in this new Army of Two are fucking phenomenal.

I was not lagging, everyone had a good connection to the host but even with a weapon like the shotgun the enemies took three to five rounds before falling over and even when they did in some cases they could be rescued again by their friends. It's cool that the AI have the same tricks as you do but when they take forever to kill in the first place it makes the game unfun in my opinion.

Extraction is not a fun Horde inspired multiplayer mode at the end of the day. It seems tacked on. In Horde (which is not an entirely orignal concept itself, UT2k4 and Aliens Vs Preditor did that kind of thing before Gears of War) you are fighting a wide varaity of enemies each with their own attack paterns and skills and most importantly they are plentiful in number and don't have bullshit amounts of armour unless you are aproching wave 50 that is heh. In Extraction you are fighting the same dudes time and time again pretty much who most of the time just like to run up to you and pucnh you more than anything (hence me brining the shottie), it's basicly not a very fun co-op experiance really which is a shame.

With that said I think I will be trading this game in come Friday, I'll buy AvP but till then I will just have to either play Angband or work on that Tekken 6 review I promised I would do after totally beating the game for the second time...

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Rich Peoww said...

Worst game of the year so far and I can't see that changing.