Friday, 4 December 2009

Phantasy Star Zero Impressions

So yeah, I have been playing a lot of Phantasy Star Zero this week, in fact it's pretty much all I have had time to play, well this and a quick multiplayer round of Rocket Riot and Gripshift on the Xbox 360 but that's not the point. Lately all the gaming I have been doing has been on the bus to and from work and at my launch hour so having a DS is very covenant even though it's been pissing it down with rain a lot lately.

I have played roughly 12 hours this week alone and from what I can tell so far Sega really have a hit on there hands here. OK so I had to import this from the States but this is the best Portable game I have played in some time and it's a great follow up to Phantasy Star Online (which is what the game was billed as) as supposed to that shity Phantasy Star Universe with that whiney emo cunt Ethen Wabber or what ever the fuck his name was.

So yeah the game pretty much plays like the old Dreamcast game but with a minor changes. Mainly a sidestep/lock-on button taken from Phantasy Star Universe (the only good thing about that game, trust me!) and a jumping dodge roll taken straight out of the Monster Hunter games which is a big deal in the land of the rising sun. Then there is the vibe of the game. The characters and setting seem to have this wild west frontier vibe going on for them which seem to be inspired by the new hottness of character design at the moment which is the Wild Arms games, seriously stop sniggering back there!

While this game may be inspired by a whole lot of other games there is no mistaking that Phantasy Star Zero still feels like a Phantasy Star game which is great as that series happens to be one of my faves. The casts look as awesome as ever and the storyline from what I seen so far is very good, a lot better than in Phantasy Star Universe anyway with that stupid douchebag Wabber. The mission structer is still the same as it was in Phantasy Star Zero from what I can tell. Arrive in an area, clear up the small monsters, collect the loot and scram. eventualy you'll find the teleporter to the boss with a healing station before it. The bosses are very tough in this game and quite creative too. The hardest one I thought was a gaint squid in some swamp land (don't ask!) but I though a few after him and they all seemed just as tough but the squid stood out so to speak.

Overall, so far I am pleased with this purchase and it's well worth the money. It's one of the best RPG's I've played in some time and the online mode is really good fun espicaly as you can doodle with the stylus on it which can leave to some creative (or vulgar) pic-chat creations.