Saturday, 4 July 2009

Trash Panic - A breif review!

A lot of people may dismiss the Playstation 3 but once in awhile a nice little gem does surface, normaly is weird and obscure which is great in a world of casual gaming and generic space marine green on brown mediocrity. Like Noby Noby boy Trash Panic is a Playstation Store downloadable game that weighs in at over 1 gigabyte which took me over 2 hours to download with an 8 meg internet connection, fucking Sony!

That said once I downloaded the game I was in for a surprise, having herd nothing about this game I was shocked to see it was a puzzle game almost like Tetris but not quite. In fact this is a fresh new idea and it also gives out a pro-green message in a totaly non-lame way.

Anyway the stages in Trash Panic do not last forever, in fact the object of the stage is to get all the rubbish including the "boss trash" in to the pin without more than two things spilling on to the floor. There are also other unique objects that can land in your bin like a metor that sets rubbish on fire, burning trash as it goes which is a good thing for space but the smoke makes things hard to see. While the game is a riot to play it can be very unforgiving espeicaly at the later stages when one false move can screw up your entire game. Then again the game can not be easy forever I suppose.

The presentation is fantastic, you can see were all that memory is being used up as everything is in 3D and the models for the most part act as you would expect them to and even break up in a realitic manner for the most part (glitches and shit, you know the score...). For example smash a light bulb on to a solid object and the light bulb will smash, cleaver stuff indeed. The music and sound is also very catchy and very pleasing to the ear.

Trash Panic is good value for money when compared to more recent XBLA titles. It's worth a look especially if you like puzzle games as this is one of the more unique offerings that has arrived on a mainstream console for some time. I would strongly suggest checking out the demo or checking it out on youtube as it's a great little game for it's budget price.

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