Saturday, 4 July 2009

Starting off a new Blogg handle

OK this post is going to start a new run of posts called "look whatI just got in the mail". This will mainly give out first impressions of what will be mostly old video games that I can now only buy online VIA auction sties like Ebay, Play and Amazon hence the title.

Today I got an 2007 Playstation 2 game from Genki which was brought over here to the PAL Regions by Konami and it's called Demon Chaos. It's a late era PS2 Dynasty Warriors knock off that can handle 65,000 enemies on screen at once.
OK this game never came out in the States and it's called something completely differnt in Japan (Ikusagami) and is based around a warrior sprit dog created by the god of war who is trying to save the earth from deamon invasion.

I figured for £5 brand new from a seller it was probably worth a punt just to see if this game would slow my PS2 down as much as Monster Attack and Global Defense Force (the Europian EDF games on PS2!) did. As it happens this is a very nice game. OK I can see it being a little repetitive from what I played so far but for £5 this happens to be one of the most under rated hack and slash games on the PS2 due to it being released so late in the consoles life and not being released in the states also probably did not help things much.

I would give a full video review of this game but alias at the moment I can not due to no video capture card that works on Vista 64 bit. That said there may or may not be a full written review of this bad boy in the weeks to come so watch this space.

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