Monday, 27 July 2009

Here is a new review of a classic 80's Sega arcade game, enjoy! :)

Monday, 20 July 2009

PEOWW@IC09 - Exciting Outrun 2 Challange!!

Sorry I have not posted in awhile been on holiday playing some awesome arcade games at the Insert Coin Arcade Expo '09! A lot of fun was had by all an a proper write up of some kind from me will be up a some point but for now I hope this video will do...

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Feeling like something I just stepped in...

OK I am not feeling "tip-top" as some might say today. Feeling really shity and tired. My throat it uber sore and I got some epic pressure on my temples, I think you might call that a migran.

Now I know that you are thinking, "Why Megaman?" well like I mentioned in a post a few days before I decided I would play some Marvel vs Capcom 2 after sorting out my cards which took 15 mins or so, not to bad.

Anyway Megaman was one of the characters I unlocked while playing. Never really used him much before a few days ago but now he's on of my favrouate characters, his awesome! Anyway I hope to feel a little better soon because I don't wish to record while I sound like Dot Cotton from Eastenders heh!

Battlefield 194fail...

Seriously EA you should of known that this game was going to be popular. I mean did you not learn from you last game BF: Bad Company? For all of those people who don't know what the new Xbox Live Arcade downloadable game BF1943 is like because they are unable to get a game let me post a little picture up for you...

Next time Electronic Arts and Dice get the fucking servers up and relatively lag free before charging people for a game, it's simple shit you know!...

Sunday, 5 July 2009


This is a review of an old Japanese Indie PC which I adore and you will to once you see this video. Drill Milky Punch is one of my favourate games ever and no it's not Hentai!

My latest video review...

Here is the latest video review that I have done on Youtube. The other parts will come eventualy but right now this will have to do, enjoy!

PS2 Fever

Recently I have not been to keen on playing on my PS3 or Xbox 360. Don't get me wrong normaly when I am playing on my Xbox 360 normaly I am playing Sacred 2 which I have been a lot of hours in to. But when I am not playing that I am playing Blood Bowl on the PC and when I am not playing that I am either on Youtube or looking at my huge pile of PS2 games. Yes ladies and gentalmen I have a fever and the only cure, more PS2!

I have three memory cards for the PS2, I intend to get rid of most of the data from them which is
going to take some doing. I will save the essental save files for example, Urban Reign I have to keep so I have most of the characters for multiplayer. This is going to take awhile but when I am done I should have 2 free memory cards again which is nice!

The game I am mostly looking forward to playing on my Slimline PS2 is Marvel vs Capcom 2. Not the most refined fighitng game in the world but it's jolly good fun as some folks might say. I unlocked all the characters for the Dreamcast version but my Dreamcast packed up earlier this year so now it looks like I have to unlock eveyrone over again on the PS2, bummer! Well at least the new PS3 and Xbox 360 ports won't have that problem as everything will be unlocked from the start, sweet!

Well I guess I best get started with the data management. I have so many games now that even three memory cards is not enough, parhaps I should consider buying more from Ebay or Cash Converters or something heh. If any of you guys have any suggestions in what I should play please drop me a comment. Laters!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Trash Panic - A breif review!

A lot of people may dismiss the Playstation 3 but once in awhile a nice little gem does surface, normaly is weird and obscure which is great in a world of casual gaming and generic space marine green on brown mediocrity. Like Noby Noby boy Trash Panic is a Playstation Store downloadable game that weighs in at over 1 gigabyte which took me over 2 hours to download with an 8 meg internet connection, fucking Sony!

That said once I downloaded the game I was in for a surprise, having herd nothing about this game I was shocked to see it was a puzzle game almost like Tetris but not quite. In fact this is a fresh new idea and it also gives out a pro-green message in a totaly non-lame way.

Anyway the stages in Trash Panic do not last forever, in fact the object of the stage is to get all the rubbish including the "boss trash" in to the pin without more than two things spilling on to the floor. There are also other unique objects that can land in your bin like a metor that sets rubbish on fire, burning trash as it goes which is a good thing for space but the smoke makes things hard to see. While the game is a riot to play it can be very unforgiving espeicaly at the later stages when one false move can screw up your entire game. Then again the game can not be easy forever I suppose.

The presentation is fantastic, you can see were all that memory is being used up as everything is in 3D and the models for the most part act as you would expect them to and even break up in a realitic manner for the most part (glitches and shit, you know the score...). For example smash a light bulb on to a solid object and the light bulb will smash, cleaver stuff indeed. The music and sound is also very catchy and very pleasing to the ear.

Trash Panic is good value for money when compared to more recent XBLA titles. It's worth a look especially if you like puzzle games as this is one of the more unique offerings that has arrived on a mainstream console for some time. I would strongly suggest checking out the demo or checking it out on youtube as it's a great little game for it's budget price.

Starting off a new Blogg handle

OK this post is going to start a new run of posts called "look whatI just got in the mail". This will mainly give out first impressions of what will be mostly old video games that I can now only buy online VIA auction sties like Ebay, Play and Amazon hence the title.

Today I got an 2007 Playstation 2 game from Genki which was brought over here to the PAL Regions by Konami and it's called Demon Chaos. It's a late era PS2 Dynasty Warriors knock off that can handle 65,000 enemies on screen at once.
OK this game never came out in the States and it's called something completely differnt in Japan (Ikusagami) and is based around a warrior sprit dog created by the god of war who is trying to save the earth from deamon invasion.

I figured for £5 brand new from a seller it was probably worth a punt just to see if this game would slow my PS2 down as much as Monster Attack and Global Defense Force (the Europian EDF games on PS2!) did. As it happens this is a very nice game. OK I can see it being a little repetitive from what I played so far but for £5 this happens to be one of the most under rated hack and slash games on the PS2 due to it being released so late in the consoles life and not being released in the states also probably did not help things much.

I would give a full video review of this game but alias at the moment I can not due to no video capture card that works on Vista 64 bit. That said there may or may not be a full written review of this bad boy in the weeks to come so watch this space.

Because I do not have the energy to maintain a site any more...

Hi guys here is some good news and some bad news. Good news is that I am starting this new blogg and the bad well, I'd say that it's pretty much game over for wavesix as I do not have the time or energy to maintain a website anymore.

So what is going to be on Don't Drink and Bake? Well lots of stuff, mainly gaming releated but lots of stuff never the less. But there will also be a lot of personal life releated stuff here to as it's a blogg and all. You may even see a movie or album review here once in awhile.

Oh yeah I just remembered I guess it's time to start a new blogg topic...